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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Evening Light on the Lakeshore

Spent the evening yesterday with these two lovelies (and their parents) running around the Lakeshore at Humber Lake Shores exploring some of their favorite little spots. One of my favorite times to photograph is in the early evening, when the light is glowy and beautiful and the shadows are long and soft. It is the perfect time to capture little people as they try to outrun the setting of the sun.

As the late afternoon turned to early evening, we looked for snakes and snails and wildflowers, grasping them in little bundles to give to mama. We wandered down to tbe pebble beach to feed the ducks and juggle large smooth pebbles. The kids snacked on bagels and lollies and dug dirt with their dumptrucks. It was hot and humid, but still very beautiful.

Ah, the last threads of summer heat!

Here's a sneak peek from my session with Sarah and Bjorn and their two little people:

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