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Toronto West / Mississauga East | Baby Jeremy

Ohhhhh newborns! They are absolutely my favorite part of my job. I delight in the chance to hold these little creatures, so precious and sweet and innocent now that mine are past that newborn/baby stage and don't want to be cuddled as much.

Newborn sessions always require a lot of time and patience. Sometimes it can take hours for them to fall asleep, which is one of the reasons I love capturing all those moments before and in between newborn portraits--those precious moments when big brother comes running into the room, gasping, "Brother, brother!" and comes over to deliver a kiss. Or those moments when, after a feeding, baby's lips hang open with milk drunkeness or those moments when a parent is changing a diaper and reaching baby's little toes up for a kiss. These are the moments that are the way we really are and that just cannot be captured in a portrait session in the same way. That is why I love lifestyle newborn photos and why I often like to pair it with newborn portraits. It really is the best of both worlds!

Here is baby Jeremy, at 8 days old, adored by big brother (who doesn't know what's hit him yet!) And although he is sleeping in all of these portraits, it took him a long time to get there. He knew there was something exciting going on and didn't want to miss a thing. But that's ok. It means I got some extra cuddles and more time getting to know this family as we spent the morning together. Such a lovely family! Thank for having me into your home and allowing me to share some of these sweet memories.

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