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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Hunter and Liam Play in the Fall Leaves

There was a great, great chance of rain today which almost meant we had to move indoors to take some photos with these spunky little ones. I am sure glad that the rain held off for a bit so the kids could explore the forest and "go for a hike" around the creek, because I am pretty sure they would have been ping-ponging off the studio walls.

And let's just be honest. I love working outside. All. The. Time. If I had it my way, I would rather bundle up in my snow gear and trek through the mountains to snow to get a fabulous picture. So a few raindrops never bother me. And it didn't seem to bother the kids either! I don't even know if they noticed when it actually did start raining. They were so busy throwing leaves, and rocks in the creek, feeding the ducks fish crachers, jabbering away about everything they knew and then racing "off-road" on their wagon through the woods.

While some people might find high energy kids a lot to handle, I love it especially when it comes to photographing. There is so much energy that can be directed positively and creatively and can really lead to beautiful, vibrant and lively photographs with sparks of personality. So we had a lot of fun with these two! Thanks for making my morning! :)

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