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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Aviator Cake Smash for Gabriel's 1st Birthday | C

Last week we had a fun aviator themed cake smash for this happy little guy who justed turned one. I've been wanting to do an aviator themed cake smash for over a year now but just couldn't find the right fit. But this little guy has a grandpa who is a pilot so it couldn't be more perfect really! And I am so glad I waited.

This little guy is so happy. There is something about 1 year olds and cake. It's like the perfect combination really--capturing that (usually) first bite of real pure sugar and the sugar high that comes from it and the excuse to go to town and get messy. Gabriel's favorite part was definitely the airplane on the top.

And then we finished off the session with a warm bubble bath in an old vintage wash bin. Water and bubbles! Tada!! I am pretty sure he didn't want to leave!!

Happy Birthday Gabriel! So happy to have you back in the studio again to mark this special occasion and to photograph your handsome face once again!


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