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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Twin Girls Brooke & Maya | Newborns

Last week, it was my pleasure to photograph two beautiful twin girls for the first time in my career. What a day to treasure! Photographing newborns always takes time as you wait for them to settle into a deep sleep. These sessions are always long because the reality is that you just cannot rush with babies, right? Even at this young of an age, they sometimes have a mind of their own. Given this fact, when it comes to twins... well, it's anybody's guess.

It took a little while for the twins to settle into a deep sleep, but once they did, they were perfect. Wrapped up in those newborn swaddles, they feel into a deep and peaceful sleep. Mama and Papa are managing so well with two little girls and an older brother. Anyone who has multiples deserves a special place in heaven, I think. Watching a parent holding more than one baby at a time is awe-inspiring.

I am sure these two girls are going to be so close to each other. It really is so neat to watch how they sleep right on top of each other. While one is crying, the other, mere inches away sleeps soundly. Incredible!

All the best mama! Thank you for inviting me into your home to capture the beauty (and the chaos) that is this unforgettable time in your lives!


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