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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Three Months for Baby Bronwyn | Grow with Me

Goodness, this girl just takes my breath away. I absolutely love working with my cousin on photography projects--seeing each other in action, brainstorming, creative-processing, problem-solving. We keep making it a regular thing to document each others lives and our children through photographs and I have to tell you, going on this adventure together is so inspiring.

So with the arrival of Bronwyn's three month birthday, we just had to catch her at this sweet stage of life--bright eyed and beautiful. If you could only have seen the "Behind-the-Scenes" on this shoot, you would simply would not have believed it.... We had three toddlers running around, a little lunch, a nursery school drop-off for one, two abandoned naps for the girls who were into everything. The studio looked like a bomb of clothing and props went off as we rummaged around in our creative chaos. Big sister was turning the vacumm on and off while exclaiming "Thomas! Thomas!" and baby sister kept wavering between being asleep and awake while we tried to photograph her. And somehow we had a crazy great time, lots of creative energy and chaos and beautiful pictures of Big Sister and Bronwyn. It's still a bit of a mystery to me how we pulled that off. Choosing not to share the behind the scenes pictures from this one. Haha!

Happy 3 months sweet Baby Bronwyn!


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