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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Baby Jack at 1 month | Newborn

This past weekend, baby Jack and his family came over to the studio to get some newborn photos. Sometimes when I've photographed babies they resist going to sleep but eventually we get there. But this little guy pretty much fought sleep our entire session.

As advice to my clients, I always recommend photographing newborns between 4-10 days and ideally before 7. We laugh and say "Basically, after you call your mother, call me." The first two weeks of a baby's life they pretty much sleep and eat. But after the two week mark, all bets are off. Some babies defy this and sleep through anything, but I guess not little Jack--bright eyed, looking up at us. I guess being the star of the shoot was a little too exciting for him!

Regardless, we were able to get some beautiful photos of Jack and his family--two loving and affectionate parents and happy, most handsome big brother, Charlie. And so wonderful to meet them and spend a Saturday photographing them in studio.


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