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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | A Baby Sister for Jazmine | Newborn

Yesterday I visited with this beautiful family in their home in Brampton. Although baby girl was born nearly two months ago, to her family and her little sister it's still like she really is a newborn--still eating a lot and sleeping a lot.

Big Sister Jazmine is so very very happy to have a sister and was so good about holding her. I am pretty sure she could hold her all day if baby girl would let her. And oh, was this one quite the little model too. She followed me around the whole session helping me move equipment and props and looking at the pictures over my shoulder. She said, "We have a little model here!" And she certainly was! I'll have to have her back to the studio, she just loved being in front of the camera. She is my newest little buddy.

Thank you for having me into your home and having fun with the girls taking photos all afternoon. It was such a pleasure!!


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