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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Baby Pia at 7 Days | Newborn

I just had to share the pictures from yesterday's session in a home in North York. This sleepy little girl was amazing yesterday and slept through almost the entire four hour shoot. I maybe got one picture where her eyes were open. She nestled into sleepy poses and let us put on hats and headbands and tutus and wraps.

We captured some natural lifestyle pictures of them in their home too as they rocked baby to sleep between costume changes and feedings. These are always some of my favorite pictures where the home is the natural backdrop--so full of meaning and memory.

Big brother Francesco, at three years old was especially fun to photograph and loved saying "Baby-licious" for the camera. Such a sweet, sweet family welconing this baby girl with so much love into her new home.

Knitted Tutu: Pretty Little Stitch

Headbands: Lovely Jasmine

Hat: Knit by Sarah


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