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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Baby Vanessa at 7 Days | Newborn

On Tuesday this week, I battled a snowstorm and drove about an hour west to meet this family and photograph baby Vanessa at 7 days. It sure was a blizzard out there. But with the heat on and a space heater working its magic, it was nice and cozy in the little nest we made for Vanessa.

This baby girl was incredibly beautiful--softest, most perfect skin, a beautiful round face and fluffy dark hair. When she cried, she made the softest little gentle cry, it nearly broke my heart. But really, she slept almost all of our shoot and we were able to wrap her up and do some really sweet newborn poses with her. I am just in love with this set we put together for this newborn session. The purples are just so sweet and soft with baby girl. I had to just stop from time to time and say, "Ohhhh, I just love this!! I am ao excited!!" Gosh, I love that I really love my job.

Thanks for a magical day Vanessa. I was so happy to meet you darling. Welcome to this wonderful snow-filled world.

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