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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Little Ayla Awaits a Sibling | Glowy Maternity

A couple of weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this little family in their home. It was obvious that they were caring and compassionate and loving people, on top of being very beautiful! I knew immediately we would be friends.

That evening, we sat down and drew up an incredible creative and full-loving vision for their maternity and newborn shoot--one that brought together elements of glowy light, playfulness and florals (all of my favorite things). There was a lot of prep, a lot of running around, a lot of planning involved and timing we needed to consider and the afternoon was full. It was frigid outside, so we stayed cozy inside. Later we ventured out and bore the cold for as long as we could near the end of the afternoon when the light was waning and the temperature dropping. I think we were all exhausted by the end but I was so delighted to capture some sweet and playful moments and photography this beautiful family in their gorgeous home with all the sentiments of a family expecting a new little cuddly bundle of love in a few weeks--excitement, anticipation, and a house full of love for this little one.

Baby A, you are already soooo loved!! We cannot wait to meet you!

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