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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Little Baby Cairo | Newborn Mini

Here is a tiny tiny sneak peek of this tiny, tiny little guy, Baby Cairo! Yesterday I visited with Peta, mama of five boys to meet her littlest of the boys, Cairo, only seven days old. He was so sleepy and sweet and even when I was moving him around, he just opened his eyes to acknowledge us and slowly his eyes fluttered shut and back to sleep. He was between being awake and asleep for most of the session, but a quiet happy and still little guy no matter what. He had big bright eyes and didn't want to miss a thing. And as number five in a household of boys, you can't miss a beat, right?

I cannot stress the importance of capturing these little guys when they are still tiny. First of all, they will never be any smaller than they are now. And it's hard to remember how tiny and precious they were months down the road. But also, they are just so sleepy and easy to please, at this stage at least during my seesions with them. (Maybe not in the middle of the night!) Most babies aren't yet colicky, and are mostly spending their time sleeping and growing. With any small movements of their arms and legs, they can be quickly hushed back to sleep with a pat on the bum, a soother and the warmth of a space heater.

I loved photographing this little guy all tucked up.

So happy to cuddle you today tiny version of your beautiful mama!

~ xo Stephanie

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