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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Every Day is a Dress up Day | Miss Clara Turns 2! | 2

Today miss Clara dropped by the studio to play dress up and celebrate turning 2! Like most 2 year olds I know, Clara loves to dress up in all sorts of pretty things. And so I brought in a bunch of dresses and skirts from our new favorite place, Tiny Trendsetter by Kirsten Dubeau for her to dress up in and play around. The tutus are soo soft and fun and a little bit longer than some of the little tutus for babies so I like to think of them as "everyday tutus" because really, with kids, every day is a dress-up day, right? And I just love the tan lace vintage dress too. It's so unique and pretty.

These two siblings had a great time in the studio today, which is always my aim with kids--to have fun, be playful and get some great smiles.

Happy Birthday Sweet Clara!!

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