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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Cat in the Hat for Alex | Cake Smash

Oh man! Check out this hilarious little guy! Yesterday, we had a Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat cake smash for Alex, turning one! He took a little while to warm up and I was wondering how he would respond to a big cake all to himself. But he just dove right in and ate, ate, ate that delicious cake. Sophia's Sugar Rush, you have the toddler vote of approval. You know how most kids eat the frosting? Well, Sue's cakes are not just about the frosting. They truly are amazing!! Beautiful and delicious! She is one talented lady.

Alex ate and smashed and drove his truck over the cake and took it for a drive. Let's just say that everyone left the studio covered in cake and I am pretty sure I'll be finding pieces of cake from this one for awhile. But we all had so much fun helping Alex celebrate!

Happy Birthday Cutie!!!

xo Stephanie

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