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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Good-bye TO! | Family

I had the greatest pleasure meeting this family the other day and bringing them in studio for a little family session. These two love-birds met in New York City where he was working and she was visiting and fell in love. They had this little darling but life hasn't been easy.

Nyala is a sweet little 18 month old baby girl who was diagnosed with ocular cancer and has since undergone treatment. The family had no idea until they took her to her first eye appointment. Her mama is a huge advocate and trying to bring awareness to people about the importance of getting your children's eyes checked at an early age. Despite all that she has gone through at such a young age, she is such a sweetheart and so full of life!

Life will be busy as the family relocates to New York City and start a life there. And they are soon to be a family of four!! Exciting times ahead! So so so happy I met you and was able to be a part of your farewell to Toronto. All the best in NYC! Come back and visit!

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