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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | A Minnie Mouse Cake Smash for Atilda! | Cake Smash

This little girl is a total riot! She came to the studio full of ambition and drama. She sure has a lot of energy and embraces life with such enthusiasm! Let me tell you, the second we let her near that cake, off came the Minnie Mouse ears and she just went after that cake--grabbing it, slapping it, eating it, throwing it around. She was practically rolling around in it, which is such much like what my children would do. In fact, her whole attitude toward life is very much like my own children. Never a dull moment!

After she shred that cake to pieces, just really really needed a bubble bath! And oh boy, she had fun!! She was sloshing around splashing water everywhere, having the time of her life! I really do love seeing children have a good time in studio!! Usually, the messier, the happier!

Thanks for coming by Atilda and lighting up my day with your enthusiasm and passion for life!

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