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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Her Favorite Colour is Purple | Cake Smash

Today we had an amazing and very fun cake smash session the studio. Every toddler has their own approach to cake smashing. Some babies don't like to get messy, they touch the cake and burst into tears. Some babies don't like the taste of cake either. Some babies eat the cake nice and tidy, while others just GO. TO. TOWN. This little sweetheart was one of those, a girl after my own heart! She was a little hesitant at first, but then ripped right into the cake, tasting it and throwing it around and finally beating the cake to death.

After getting a taste, Mom and dad were planning on taking the cake home... (These cakes are the best you have ever had!!) But there was no piece left untouched. We literally had to scrape it off the floor drop into a box to carry it away. It was totally mashed up. But oh boy, did Aria have fun! She is sweet and happy and full of gusto, this girl. Independent, tough, dramatic and full of life!

This cake smash was actually pretty special.......since this little girl, our cake decorator from Sophia's Sugar Rush and I share a special day. We all share the same birthday! (!!!!!!) Can you believe the chances??

Happy Birthday Darling!! Thanks for making my day!

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