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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Salma's Baby, Maya | Newborn

Yesterday, I went back up to Richmond Hill to see this little baby girl who we've expected to arrive. A month ago, I photographed her mama and family in their large home on the lake. I got the opportunity to meet the family and spend time with them in their space. They have a beautiful home up there and so much love for this little baby girl on the way.

Big sister, Salma, who is only four years old, has long awaited a baby sister to call her own. She seems so grown up now, wanting to hold her sister and attend to her every need. Mama and Papa are so lucky to have a big girl who wants to help out. And Salma, baby Maya will always look up to you as a role model and idol. I am excited to see how this relationship continues to form.

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