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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Sitara and Armaan Twin Newborns | Oakville Newborns

Yesterday I drove to Oakville to meet a beautiful set of boy/girl twins. I was so excited to photograph twins again. They are just magic, aren't they? And these twins, about a month old were still as sleepy as most 4 days old newborns. They popped their eyes open long enough to get some milk and that was it!

It amazes me the difference in their looks and personalities already. Baby Armaan is laid back and takes a longer time to get to sleep but sleeps deeply, while Baby Sitara jumps in and out of sleep very quickly but needs milk the second she wakes up. It will be so interesting to see how their personalities evolve as they grow older and to see the role they will play in each others' lives.

They wanted to be close together as twins often do. The connection between twins is truly amazing. Thanks for spending the day with me and being so sleepy and perfect!

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