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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Baby Gabriel in the Late Afternoon Light | Mississaug

Yesterday afternoon, I got the chance to photograph my third little Gabriel. I may be a bit biased but baby Gabriels really are the sweetest most beautiful little babies.

It's hard to believe that this little babe is one month old. He was sleepy, sleepy and cozied right up in his little Moses basket. It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon and we hit it at the perfect time, right outside their home when the light was at it's best. His parents love being outside and in nature and we were excited to capture some of that love for the outdoors here in some of their photos. Mere minutes after our shoot, the dark clouds rolled in and the sky opened up and poured down heavy rain.

I am so glad I got to meet this beautiful couple and their baby boy Gabriel, who arrived almost one year to the day after they got married. They are the sweetest couple--very sincere and loving. And now they have their new baby boy that they have welcomed into their home to add to their joy.

Welcome, welcome Gabriel!

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