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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photography | Leo and Joey Vintage Shoot | Siblings

Who are these dapper young.... little ones?? Aren't they the cutest little 'men' you've ever seen. I just melt when I see cute little boys in suspenders and sweaters and little hats. I spent the morning Kariya Park with these two brother Joey and Leo. Joey was Mr. Responsible--helping me carry around all the props, and taking pictures with his little wooden camera. Two years old is just such a fun age. You can really see the wheels turning and if you catch them at the right moment, they can be so eager to parrot words and behavior and be "helpful." And Leo is at that fun age when he is kind-of-sort-of sitting up a bit and playing with his toes and liberal with the smiles. This mama has dream boys, that is for sure! Thanks for the lovely morning, handsome little guys! xo

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