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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Watchful Baby Valentina | North York Newborn

Every one in a blue moon I get a baby who is WIDE AWAKE almost the entire session. This was Valentina. She sort of zoned in and out of sleep but with any slight movement--pop! The eyes flew open. And if it wasn't both eyes, it was almost always one. Little Valentina doesn't want to miss a thing! But somehow, miracle upon miracle, we got a few pictures of Valentina sleeping (or at least pretending to sleep) and plenty with her eyes wide open for us to see her. She has these beautiful deep dark eyes which are truly enchanting! And those lips!!! Look at those juicy little lips and chubby arms! Aren't they just incredible?

Welcome little one!! Now, be good for mama and papa and sleep! xo

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