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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | A Day with Blogger Sam Jennings of Little Green Lives

I had the great fortune of meeting this incredible woman, Sam and her family a few years ago. Sam has always opened up her home to mess and chaos and adventure and delicious vegan food. It's always comforting being there and in her presence with her little people. We quickly became close, photographing her family frequently and I was truly honored when she asked me to photograph the birth of her third child--Indi last year. Our lives are busy--me with my kids and business and her with her little people and a new venture, one of Toronto Mom's HOTTEST BLOGS centered around mama life raising happier, healthier little people.. Somewhere in all that we find tiny pockets of time to see each other.

And one such time was last week, when I got to spend the morning with her and her precious little people as I photographed them for a post on her blog about "Capsule Wardrobes"--a concept I love about culling your wardrobe down to 20-30 items of clothing that you can mix and match throughout the year. Wouldn't I love that rather than a closet bursting with clothing I dislike. I'm inspired! Check out these pictures from that morning, but more importantly check out her blog post on Capsule Wardrobes on Little Green Lives--a blog about living more consciously and simply in the chaos of a busy life.

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