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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Baby Elle | A Sweet Cousin for the Littles | Frederic

Sweet Baby Elle came into our lives Dec 6th! (A little earlier than anticipated). We drove all the way from Toronto to Fredericton to meet her and hold her (and photograph her). I may be a bit biased here, since she is my brother's daughter, but I absolutely love her and think she is the prettiest little girl ever.

She was sleepy and perfect for us during the shoot and was especially content laying on her older cousin's chest after he'd fed her a bottle of milk. Gabriel is completely head over heels for baby Elle, and kept looking at her tiny fingers and toes and smiling/giggling. "I'm a cousin," he kept saying. "She's so...... fresh!"

Cannot wait to see you get bigger Elle! We'll be here, cuddles and camera at the ready!

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