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Planning your session: Coordinating your outfits


  • Dress for the season - think not only about colours but textures.  Light airy fabrics with layers for spring in soft pastels, fun vibrant colours for summer, deeper, richer colours and heavier fabrics for fall and winter.

  • Pick a colour scheme with 3 to 4 colours.  Start with a focal piece and plan from there.  For example, if you have the perfect dress or scarf--in the right fabric and colours for the season, choose to coordinate the rest of the family in those colours.  For example, this scarf has blue, pink and white.  From there, the rest of my family is wearing colours from the scarf, WITHOUT MATCHING.  Our colour scheme is white, tan, blue/chambray and pink.  Notice our airy, spring fabrics and layers (light sweaters).

  • Avoid busy bold patterns and logos which can be distracting.  A great way to add interest is with textures and detailing of fabric, such as lacey or eyelet.


Photo credit: Ginger Snap Photography


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