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I’m Stephanie the owner and photographer of Magnolia Coasts Photography!! I’m the woman behind the camera making magic happen by creating custom sets, wrapping and hushing babies to sleep and (sometimes) rocking on a rocking horse shaking a bottle of milk to make babies laugh if all those animal noises don’t work. Although admittedly that gorilla impression is usually quite effective!

I’m turning 40 this year! A mama of two spirited kids who have just turned 11 and 9 and a fluffy white pup that just turned 2. They are everything to me and one the reasons I quit my job and started photography!

I used to be a teacher, but with a big push from my super supportive husband and friends to launch a new career in something I was passionate about. I decided after my son was born that I wanted more flexibility and less stress in my life and fell in love with photography as an obsessive hobby that morphed into a bustling business and I haven’t looked back, (although I do keep one foot in the door volunteering at my kids school).

In January 2015, I photographed my first baby. The baby boy had the same birthday as my daughter and same name as my son. He fell asleep easily in my arms and it was "a sign" although with a few other series of events that would indicate this is what I was meant to do. It is still one of my most memorable shoots!

Since then I have photographed hundreds of babies, and still try to make every session unique and special for my clients. I love watching babies grow and be the “auntie” to so many as they hit one, two….five…. eight years old and have brothers or sisters or cousins.

Why Magnolia Coasts Photography? Well, that’s a story we’ll save for our chat when we meet up!

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