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 About Me

After traveling for the past several years with my family it seems we have settled in Toronto.  My children have been a source of creativity and adventure and we have loved seeing the world through their eyes.  Everywhere I go, whether a long car ride into the countryside, or a short walk by the river or lake, I see art unfolding before my eyes--be it in the small details of a wildflower or in the moments of tenderness between my children.  I am a mother of two little ones first and foremost and it is my love of capturing them in their natural environment and with their most open emotions that I have come to truly love photography.

The most satisfying photographs are those taken in natural settings whether it be a home or a park or an apple orchard, while families frolic, play and climb all over each other.  For me, it is then that honest and authentic moments come out and a photographer can truly capture those natural emotions. 


I am truly passionate about photography; you will never find me without my camera.  Photography is my dream career--being able to work with families, newly expectant mothers and newborns is such a beautiful and exhilirating thing, a source of energy and inspiration to me.  Looking forward to working with you!



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