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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Butterflies in Alexander Muir Gardens

I love my job. I love photographing children. Why? Because they always bring such energy to a shoot and natural smiles. Sure, they can be shy, or not want their photo taken, but that's natural and honest I think. It's always fun coming up with ideas to get children running around and laughing and smiling and playing. and I always try to get them to forget about the camera. I never tell them to smile and say cheese (well, almost never). I just talk to them or play with them and direct them toward fun things we have set up. It is in these moments we get to see what they love and don't love, what a beautiful natural smile they do have--one that lights up their face, or a toothy grin or a scrunchy nose. It shows us more about who they are at this stage of life.

Today we did what nearly every girl would LOVE to do. We dressed up these almost two year old cousins as fairy princesses or butterflies and ran around chasing after bubbles, having a tea party with a lacey tentful of stuffies and eating cupcakes to celebrate their joint birthdays. We ran and played chase and got these two cousins really really enjoying themselves. Baby sister joined in for some fun too.

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