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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Photography for Heroes

I tend to get a lot of requests for photography for little girls. Girls in tutus and pink and pearls. And I love it. But I am also the mama of a boy. A boy who is rough and tumble, loves dirt and trucks and trains and airplanes. A boy who's latest obsession is "Lightening McQueen."

And so for all those kinds of boys out there, here is a little post to you, all you heroes disguised as three and four and five year old boys. Boys who love making up stories about Octopus man and pretending to be the Dark Knight, leaping from buildings and fighting bad guys.

I believe that photographing children requires a certain creativity, a lot of energy and finding what they love. For Bentley, at four, he is all about Batman. He has Batman figures, tells Batman stories and plays Batman. He is Batman. Bentely is Batman. And I am all about making that come true. This morning we ran all around Toronto's Distillery District, leaping from tall buildings, and getting the enemy, those strong Distillery winds made his cape flap in the wind just like a real Batman.

We have a hero amongst us, spurred by a child's imagination, captured for you in a few photographs.

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