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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Family in the Fairy Grasses

We are really lucking out with these golden fall days. It was a little crisp this morning, but it wasn't long before we were peeling off layers as the sun warmed the flower beds and garden space at James Gardens. About two months ago, this sweet family brought little Nyla into the their home--a little sister for Maya. (I was delighted and privileged to have photographed merely a few days after she arrived).

Now, two months later, and more adjusted to life with two, I met my friends at the park to capture this period in their lives. Maya was bouncing all over--feeding ducks and mucking around, throwing leaves, making up adventures and looking for field fairies (as we were doing here just now in the golden fairy grasses). I sure do love the energy and spirit of three year olds! Meanwhile, her baby sister ducked in and out of catnaps. It's clear how much Maya truly and emphatically loves her little sister, popping in every few minutes for a kiss or a cuddle. So happy to watch this family as they grow and to be a part of capturing them and their children at this stage in their lives.

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