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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Baby Sebastian at 9 Days

Welcome into a family of five little Sebastian. When I walked up to the front door of this house, I was greeted happily by the two oldest children who helped me carry everything inside. Chalked onto the brick beside the front door was "Sabastian we love you and Mommy!" There is definitely a whole lot of love in this newly expanded family of five. Having grown up in the house of five people myself, I can attest to the noise and craziness that a family of this size (even if it's not really THAT big) can be and welcome it with open arms. But today, I was surprised at how quiet and sweet this home was. Just wait until Sebestian is big enough to walk/run and talk! I'm sure they will have their hands full then! But all indicators point to little Sebastian as a serious and quiet little guy.

This family couldn't be happier to add one more member to the family. And I was so delighted to spend the day with them, getting to know them and capturing some beautiful moments in their home.

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