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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | A New Sister, A New Home

My absolute favorite photo sessions are ones that take place in people's homes and ones that tell a story. Anyone who knows me well as a photographer, knows that my favorite pictures are not the perfect ones where everyone is looking at the camera with their perfect smiles, although I do plenty of those. My most memorable pictures are the ones that are less than "perfect" and rather ones that tell a story about a moment in time, a relationship or an emotion.

For me, photography, in its perfect form, is a work of art. My favorite paintings are not the ones that are an exact representation of a place or thing, but rather the emotion--be it turmoil, grief, glee. If a painting can evoke an emotional response, then it has done it's job. And that is how I feel about photography.

Every family has a story. This family, with their newest addition, has just purchased a new home. Today we visited that home, which is still nearly completely empty, full of potential and expectation of the future, of stories and moments and memories ready to be made.

I brought along a wooden truck, which big brother quickly became fond of and which was one of the only toys in this big empty--soon to be filled--home. We took pictures in a few places over this home, most of which were on the family bed. A bed that, no doubt, over the next couple of years will be the early morning greeting place for four bodies in the early hours of the morning.

There is so much love and tenderness between these two siblings. Big brother clearly adores baby sister. Although he is so gentle with her now, I can only imagine there will be years of less-than-gentle play in her future as he finds a playmate in her.

May your new home be filled with all the love and warmth I see when I look at your pictures!

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