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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Baby Victoria at 5 days | Newborn

I don't even know how to begin to say how excited I was to do this photoshoot with baby Victoria. At 31 weeks, I photographed her beautiful mama, daddy and older sister Angelina in their home around Christmas. I got to really know their family and become acquainted with their home. Seeing their space really helped me to envision what the newborn session would look like and put together our ideas ahead of time.

I always love when a client comes to me with an idea or a sort of vision that they have. Together her mama and I collaborated on an angelic theme for the shoot--casting both her older sister and baby Victoria as little angels on big sister's bed. With a little help from my cousin, Ginger and a Toronto newborn baby prop/clothing designer Gotie of "Lovely Jasmine", we assembled the wings and tutus and crowns for this shoot.

Outside it was a beautiful bright but very cold sunshiney day. But inside it was toasty warm with sunslight pouring in through the windows of Angelina's room. It was the perfect setting for our shoot.

Baby Victoria wasn't the sleepiest baby I have ever seen--she stirred alot, but we were able to capture some truly beautiful pictures of her and her sister and family.

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