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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Teddy Bear Picnic for Rena | Cake Smash

Happy 1st birthday little Rena!! I met Rena's parents just over a year ago when I did a maternity session in studio followed by a newborn session once Rena arrived. I haven't seen her in a whole year and yet, we seemed to remember each other. She was born with a head of dark long hair and it has just continued to grow. Rena is such a smiley beautiful daddy's girl. It is so neat to see her and her parents and to see how their relationship has grown over the year and how they have become such wonderful parents. If only I could have taken a video of them as they clapped and cooed and jumped around blowing bubbles behind me. (Mama is high heels). To everyone's surprise she was not into the cake at all, but really, really loved the picnic with the teddy bears outside at the park.

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