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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Paris's Sleeping Beauty | Cake Smash

Well this was a first for me! Little Mika came to celebrate her birthday yesterday, but had skipped her morning nap and was very tired. I was amazed at how well she did throughout the first part of the session. But once it got to the cake smashing, Mika stuck her fingers in the cake and burst into tears.

In her mothers arms, she fell asleep within minutes. What are we to do for a sleeping little girl celebrating her birthday in a hand-painted Paris themed set with an untouched beautiful Paris cake? Have the cake smash for her!

We laid beautiful sleeping Mika down in the set and captured some humorous pictures of her asleep, arms around the cake, smashing the cake, etc. Her parents and I were in fits of laughter and enjoyed the cake immensely ourselves. I think it's safe to say we made the best of the situation.

And then once awake we managed to get a few shots of her, a little bit happier and perkier than before. In fact, right here in the studio, Mika took her first step!!!! And we captured it on camera. What a special moment for her and her family.

Thanks for celebrating with me and for being so game for anything! You were amazing! Happy Birthday!!!

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