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Toronto East / Mississauga West Photographer | Ruby says Good-bye to Toronto | Toronto Lifestyle Sho

Life in the big city can be pretty great--all the shops and restaurants, but even with all the playgrounds and indoor kid play centers--the concrete is hard and the cars are fast. With their dreams set on outdoor life, a world filled with streams and mud and chasing butterflies, this family is moving from the big city for a quieter life in the country. And so, we are saying goodbye to the white modernist condo in Toronto, the Starbucks and shops that line each street, to the hussle and bussle, the lights and the traffic. Yesterday we took a farewell walk to some of the family favorite areas close to their Toronto home and captured some moments as a family and with their nanny Katherine before they move in just a few weeks.

Enjoy the last couple of weeks here in the big city and best of luck with your move!

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