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Toronto West / Mississauga East Photographer | Brooke & Maya Winter Wonderland ONE | Cake Smash

You may remember Brooke and Maya, the twin baby girls I photographed a little less than a year ago. The image of them swaddled in pink wrapped, nuzzled in the nest, surrounded by a ring of flowers, spread like wild flowers once it was posted. And to me, became such an iconic image for my business for a long time.

Since then the girls have grown and changed and become these beautiful, charming, happy little girls full of smiles and excitement. I don't know that I have seen happier one year olds! Undoubtedly life is crazy with twins and an energetic older toddler, but they are just soooo good for their mama! One is walking and the other is not far behind.

We had the best session in studio on Friday, as we brought out both the nest and flowers from their newborn shoot. We had a winter wonderland set up for these babes born in the midst of winter. And a milk floral bath to finish off. And I have to say, this really was one of my favorite cake smashes ever!

So happy to celebrate with you lovelies!!

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